St. Martin’s has always been a praying community since the first church was consecrated on Compton Avenue in this neighbourhood in 1924. We are a group of people in the parish who have been called to the ministry of praying for others on a regular and continuing basis. We commit ourselves to pray regularly, confidentially and individually for the people and concerns that are requested of us. Our prayer group, affectionately known as Prayer Angels, will include prayers for those in all parts of our lives that seek such prayer. It is not limited to members of the parish, the diocese or even the church. It is as far reaching and inclusive as needed.

The prayer chain will act as an avenue for both short term emergency situation prayers (e.g. crisis situations, medical emergencies, deaths) as well as longer term situations (chronic illness, parish leaders, clergy, local, national and global situations).

Can we pray for you? Our team of Prayer Angels is ready to pray on your behalf. Contact us by filling out the form below.

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