Make a Difference… Put Yourself in the Picture!

Being part of a Church family opens up a host of ways to volunteer your time and talent and be actively involved  in the life of the Parish and the community at large.

Most of the activities are scheduled on a rotation basis so there is plenty of opportunity to be part of a team without placing an undue  burden on your time.  Like to become involved?  Call or email the church office know of your interest.

Worship Service Involvement

Greeters & Sidespeople Teams are on hand each Sunday to help you feel at home at St Martin’s

Servers  assist the Rector under guidance of the Head Server

Altar Guild prepares the alter and church setting with appropriate adornments

Choir  Music is an integral part of the liturgical celebration at St. Martin’s. Tif you’re interested in the choir or would like more information please contact our  Director of Music Leora Nauta

Lay Administrators assist in the distribution of the sacrament

Prayer Intercessors lead the congregation in the prayers of the people

Readers  read the assigned scripture lesson for the congregation

Behind the Scenes

Counting Teams are responsible for the weekly count and deposit of church offerings.

Coffee Hosts  set out and offer light refreshments fas part of our post worship fellowship.

Community  Involvement

Outreach Team  focuses on mission and outreach activities related to the Diocese and throughout the City of Ottawa

Pastoral Care Team works closely with the Rector to connect with parishioners through home or hospital visits or via our ‘phone tree’ ministry