Make a Difference… Put Yourself in the Picture!

Being part of a Church family opens up a host of ways to volunteer your time and talent and be actively involved  in the life of the Parish and the community at large. And enjoy some fellowship into the bargain.

Most of the activities are scheduled on a rotation basis so there is plenty of opportunity to be part of a team without placing an undue  burden on your time.  See some activity that  you would like to be part of?  Just call or E-mail and let the Church office know of your interest.

Worship Service Involvement

Greeters & Side Teams are on hand each Sunday to help you feel at home at St Martin’s

Servers  assist the Rector under guidance of the Head Server

Altar Guild prepares the alter and church setting with appropriate adornments

Choir  Music is an integral part of the liturgical celebration at St. Martin’s and members of the choir rehearse on Thursday evening from 7:30 to 9:15  to bring choral majesty to the 10 am worship More information about music at St. Martin’s.

Lay Administrators assist in the distribution of the sacrament

Prayer Intercessors lead the congregation in the prayers of the people

Readers  read the assigned scripture lesson for the congregation

Behind the Scenes

Counting Teams  

Are responsible for the weekly count and deposit of church offerings.

Coffee Hosts

Are a much-appreciated gracious team that sets out light refreshments for folks to partake of as part of a standing invite for parishioners to enjoy some post worship fellowship.

Community  Involvement

Outreach Team ~ focuses on mission and outreach activities related to the Diocese and suggestions made to and cleared by St Martin’s Parish Council.

Pastoral Care Team ~ connects with parishioners including the elderly or infirm and families during times of distress to offer a caring heart and comfort.

Soulful Outlets for the Heart and the Mind

Each life and journey in faith is a story waiting to be shared.  St. Martin’s has several gatherings and events  in place or planned that provide an environment of caring and trust in which to explore where things are at in those journeys.  These include:

Library & Resource Centre
The Centre has a wide assortment of books, magazines and videos on faith-related and spiritual topics that parishioners are encouraged and welcome to borrow.

Adult Study Groups
Worthwhile discussion on faith-related topics and issues are convened seasonally. Latest session dates and times will be posted.