All aboard!

On Sunday, October 29 – right after the 10 am service, St Martin’s Parish Hall will turn into a temporary train station of sorts thanks to an amazing display and talk that will be conducted by St Martin’s very own David Jeanes.  There will be something of interest to see, hear about and touch for children of all ages.

David has been a member of a model railroading social club in Ottawa for over 40 years and for 36 years was on the committee that organized the Railfair model railway exhibition at Algonquin College each October. As well he is a member of a smaller club of about 40 members who own parts of a very large modular railroad layout which gets set up for a weekend almost every month. With his love of trains it is no surprise that David  is a member of a circle of railway historians who meet every two weeks for lunch and are involved with promoting railway memories on the web, through photography, and even through preservation of real railway equipment.

And if his face looks familiar its because he has been a spokesperson to governments and the media on high speed rail, urban light rail and railway safety.  No surprise to learn that David was instrumental in the establishment of Ottawa’s O-Train, accompanying then Mayor Bob Chiarelli in the cab of the first O-Train to move with passengers on board, and was among the speakers at the ribbon cutting on opening day in 2001

David JeanesBottom line: David knows his trains.  As he puts it:

Railways were an essential part of the creation of Canada as a nation and are still very important for our economy in moving freight, for the environment by providing an alternative to cars, and in our larger cities by transporting far more commuters than any road network or bus system could handle


Photo of CP Canada 150 train courtesy of Conrad Whittall