Our Youth

At St Martin’s we value greatly our children and we are lucky to have several families who regularly attend with school-age children. It is important to our parish that these younger members of the congregation  have a dedicated space and time to learn in a place and a manner that is geared to their needs. Likewise, it is important to have the kids participate in the wider worship traditions and in other parish activities. In the past our junior members have helped serve at the Shrove Tuesday dinners, at our annual Bazaar and  have presented  an annual Christmas Eve pageant.  This past Advent, Cross Trainers and their families participated on Sunday mornings  by digitally  lighting the candles on the Advent Wreath

Cross Trainers
St Martin’s has been fortunate to have had an active and well-attended Sunday School for many years. The Cross-Trainers (as they are known) begin the morning with their families and, after a ‘kids talk’ they move downstairs where they engage in all sorts of learning activities ranging from Bible stories, to crafts and ‘Baking Sundays’. The last is always appreciated by Coffee Hour attendees who are often lucky enough to taste the fruits of the children’s labours. The Cross-Trainers’ Christmas cards which they make and sell at the Bazaar are a much-anticipated each year.

In 2019 the Cross Trainers planned and planted a pollinator garden on our front lawn. This garden was blessed on Rogation Sunday as part of our Sunday worship.

Once a month the older children participate in Apprenticeship Sunday. On these Sundays individual Cross Trainers participate as readers or servers at our 10:00 service

Junior Servers

A group of our older children was trained in late 2019 to become junior servers and with the hope that they would become a much-welcomed part of our servers team.

For further information about Cross Trainers or any other family activities please contact our Director of Youth Ministries Hannah Marsh or the Rev’d Mary-Cate via the church office