Our Music

Music is a pathway to devotion.

For some it is a quiet walk in the woods, for others it is a paved superhighway. Walking is good for one’s health. How good it is for us to walk regularly on this pathway to devotion each week at St. Martin’s!

The 10 am service is sung each week. The choir sings the Psalm and an Anthem. The mass settings and hymns are congregational, In addition there are a few special services during the year including Christmas and Easter and a busy Holy Week. The choir sometimes provides music at funerals.

St. Martin’s choir is a choir of ladies and gentlemen who love to sing. The choir sings from early September until the end of June. Rehearsals are every Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

If you would like to sing with us at St. Martin’s, we guarantee that you will be welcome. And you will enjoy it. That’s a promise!

If you are interesting in joining our choir, please contact our Organist and Choir Director Leora Nauta (613-722-6077)