Easter Eve

Because we are not able to be together for our Easter services in person, a small group gathered at St Martin’s on Good Friday night to kindle the new fire so that we could share it with you Saturday afternoon and so that you might watch it this evening. Keeping our numbers down to the minimum and in compliance  with regulations, we each kept socially distant, washed our hands and sanitized surfaces we touched. Despite the restrictions we were connected by the  light–the fire and the lighting of the Paschal Candle–and by the singing of the Exsultet. And we were connected with all of you and our beloved St Martin’s.

The video may found via this link https://vimeo.com/406616644

A festal liturgy from Christ Church Cathedral is available here https://www.ottawacathedral.ca/online-worship-services/a-festal-liturgy-of-the-word-for-easter-sunday

May you each have a blessed and holy Easter