We’re So Glad We Had This Time Together !


On Sunday, June 10th parishioners took a special timeout to bid a fond farewell to Fr John Organ and wish him and his wife Irene all the best as they head to their home province of Newfoundland where John will be ordained Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of western Newfoundland on June 25th.  Father John became Rector at St Martin’ in May of 2015. Over that three year period  he headed a ministry marked by deep individual caring and service to the community within and beyond St. Martin’s. As a twosome John and Irene imparted down to earth practical involvement in all aspects of life at St Martin’s and were available to bring joy and comfort to young families, parish newcomers and long-time members of the congregation.

By way of a parting gift to Fr John,  St Martinites will have the pleasure of knowing that whenever he  dons his mitre and cope he will be wearing an outward visible sign of the ongoing love we at St Martin’s hold in our hearts for him.

A measure of the joy and uplift that John brought to his ministry was on full display near the end of the worship service on Sunday, May 27th when he spontaneously broke into Carol Burnett’s famous sign off song: “I’m so glad we’ve had this time together…”

The Rector’s Warden, Glenn Bloodworth in his remarks at the potluck luncheon convened to bid John and Irene farewell highlighted what both had brought to life at the Parish and mused aloud that this is the second time that clergy at St Martin’s have gone on to become Bishops and comically hinted that might be a means of attracting the next incumbent.  The spirit of song also held sway at the end of the June 10th worship service when  Choir Director Dave Dawson recapped  Fr John’s career assignments in lyrics by chorister Carol Fahey set to the tune of “Frere Jacques” .

Fr John and Irene popped by a week later at fellowship hour to show us the accoutrements he’ll be wearing as Bishop.  That final farewell was a flurry of photo opps with festivities capped by the presentation to Fr John from the Marsh Family pictured here of an exquisite print created by artist Shayla Marsh.