Judging by its consistently high turnout, last fall’s study program that examined aspects of spirituality was a popular well-received lecture series with stimulating discussion led by St Martin’s Rector Fr John Organ.  The Lenten study program that Fr John is leading should prove equally popular and stimulating.  Lenten studies will offer participants a  timeout to examine Jerusalem’s historical role in Judaism and Christianity. The syllabus consists of a six-part lecture series presented under the following key titles:

  • Abraham, Isaac, and Mount Moriah. What makes a site holy?
  • King David and the City of the Jebusites: Creation of Jerusalem as political and religious centre of the Jewish people.
  • King Solomon and the First Temple
  • The Second Temple, later renovations by King Herod, Jerusalem in Jesus’ time.
  • Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. Jerusalem’s Christian Holy Sites established by Emperor Constantine. Jerusalem in Christian Pilgrimage.
  • Jews in Diaspora and their connection to Jerusalem.  The significance of the Western Wall or Wailing Wall. The 1967 Arab-Israeli War (Six Day War)

Each session gets underway at 7pm and lasts roughly an hour.  Everyone from within and beyond St Martin’s congregation is welcome to attend all or some of the sessions.  No advance registration is necessary