A Little Effort…A Lot of Impact


This is the notice on St Martin’s side door  bulletin board.  One passes it so often that it tends to become invisible. And yet this modest request  for help has brought a bundle of recent kudos to parishioners at St Martins

Soft Drink Pull Tabs

…thank you for your efforts in collecting pop tabs to support our special needs students.  Procees from your kind donation help with the repair and/or purchase of special needs equipment for the students…your support is greatly appreciated.
With sincere thanks  Christine Kessler, Principal, Clifford Bowey School.

Used Eye Glasses

 Thank you for the used glasses you have delivered…we are always glad to receive them and pass them on to where they can be used.
Marilyn Brownlee,Parish Administrator. St Stephen’s Anglican Church

Campbell Soup Can Labels

 I extend our heartfelt thanks to the members of St Martin’s Anglican Church for all your years of support saving and clipping Campbell Soup labels for our club to donate to a deaf school in Ontario…since 2015 the labels (are) being donated to the Severn Street Public School in the west end. They do appreciate our donations and would like us to keep collecting for them .Please send our appreciation to your members and let them know that their efforts are not forgotten.
Mrs. Willy Lee, President Quota International of Ottawa

Non Perishables Food Items

Always welcome and always needed too are weekly donations of non-perishable food items which can be put into the baskets located at the front and side entrances of the church ready for delivery to the Ottawa Food Bank as part of St Martin’s outreach ministry.