St Martin’s 2017 Cornerstone Adopt-a-Room Campaign

Cornerstone Home for Women

St Martin’s is conducting a fund raising campaign to adopt a room at the latest Cornerstone Home for Women.  Lead by Margaret Bloodworth, St Martin’s goal is to raise $6,500 by the onset of Advent.  The campaign will kick off  Sunday May 28th following the 10 am service, as part of St Martin’s annual hotdog, hamburg BBQ  featuring delicious homemade salads and deserts.  

Cornerstone Home for Women currently operates several homes around Ottawa, where they provide supportive housing and emergency shelter for homeless women and those at risk of homelessness.This latest home at 373 Princeton Avenue will cost $6.5 million to convert the Sisters of Jeanne D’Arc Institute “mother house” on Princeton Avenue into 42 bachelor rental suites for women. Last February the City provided $5 million towards the cost of this latest Cornerstone project under its $16- million commitment to providing funding for both permanent housing and programs helping the homeless.

In a Citizen interview last February Cornerstone’s Executive Director Sue Garvey said:

“The sisters of Jeanne D’Arc wanted to have a legacy in the community and they really wanted to leave their home to a group who had some of the same values and goals, They’ve always had such a strong commitment to women and social justice and that’s who Cornerstone is.”

As part of this Campaign, folks who enjoy reading good books can borrow a book for a toonie  at the pop up book table in the Parish Hall each Sunday after the 10 am service with all proceeds going to the Cornerstone Adopt-a-Room Campaign.