A highlight of St Martin’s February 26th Vestry was the comprehensive update presented by Glenn Bloodworth on where matters currently stand with respect to St Martin’s redevelopment plans.  Following much positive discussion, Vestry fully endorsed a three part motion that

  1. Considers the St. Martin’s Site Feasibility Study prepared by R. J. Hill Architect Inc., dated February 2017, to present a sufficiently attractive potential project that St. Martin’s should undertake discussions with the Ottawa Seniors’ Cohousing Group and the architect; and
  2. Directs the St. Martin’s Redevelopment Committee to pursue those discussions and with the Diocese and appropriate experts conduct an in-depth analysis of the proposed project; and
  3. Directs the committee to report back to Vestry, or to a Special Vestry, at the appropriate time, on the results of both those discussions and the in-depth analysis, to seek Vestry’s views and decisions as required

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