St Martin's CalendarSince becoming St Martin’s Rector, Fr John has made use of the exquisite stained glass windows to help teach the gospel. At the end of the December 11th worship service, Fr John made a very stirring appeal for why making a gift to loved ones of the recently created St Martin’s calendar was meaningful over and above its utility as a calendar. For Fr John the calendar does more than just feature 12 of the stained glass windows that grace the side aisles of the sanctuary.

He pointed out that each of the windows represents the devotion and love of those families who saw fit to donate to the creation of the window in the time of Rev Don Chapman, the current Bishop’s father. Fr John shared the story of the image used for February in the calendar. It is the window of the Good Shepherd. The donation of that window by the Turner family was to honour the memory of their 18 year old son, their only child taken from a mother who had lost two babies prior to this son’s safe arrival. In dealing with that loss the parents decided to put the money from their late son’s bank account towards the creation of that window. The calendar is aptly named Windows of Wonder and Love.