Passionate about maps

Tony HeacockTony Heacock, is a parishioner at St Martin’s.  His life work involves everything to do with maps. For Tony maps provide a visual representation of an association one has with a location on earth. They connect with the reader through design and artistry.  At this year’s Christmas Bonanza, Tony will be taking orders for National Geographic’s Holy Land map. This most recent version of the Holy Land will appeal strongly to anyone whose travels, or imagination or readings have brought them to tthat part of the world.

Tony’s passion for maps started at a young age.  His parents collected historical maps and the walls of the family home were covered with them. He obtained a degree in Geography from McGill university, and then went on to work with maps in various capacities; from sea ice mapping in the Canadian Arctic to disaster relief mapping in Peru. In his current role, Tony works with global map publishers to bring their maps to market in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia

Be sure to stop by this year’s Christmas Bonanza; have a chat with Tony and enjoy his enthusiasm for maps of all kinds.

Click here to download details on obtaining your very own copy of this informative  map of the Holy Land from National Geographic.