Re-imagining St Martin’s Church Home

Under the guidance of a Re-Development Committee co-chaired by Glenn Bloodworth and Sara Ryan, parishioners at St Martin’s have embarked on re-imagining what shape their church home and surrounding property needs to take in the first half of the 21 st century. While a similar exercise undertaken in 2010 did not yield any feasible scenarios, the current one is prompted by a prayerful commitment to ensuring St Martin’s remains joyous in worship and strong in service while effectively addressing the practical realities of efficiently using its resources on all fronts.

A Town Hall convened Sunday, June 26 th set out findings from a series of recent focus groups conducted over the early spring months. Another Town Hall is planned for the fall to help situate a firm footing with respect to next steps. Meantime all options are open and an air of hopeful optimism prevails thanks to what St Martin’s Rector John Organ extols as the deep seated care and love that parishioners have for their church home and family within and beyond the walls of the parish.

Here is the presentation made at the June 26 th Town Hall.