In observing Easter Holy Week St Martin’s Anglican Church at 2120 Prince Charles Road will be having a one hour guided meditation on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 commencing at 5:00 pm. “Speak to Us Lord” is the theme of the mediation. St. Martin’s Assistant Priest, the Reverend Joseph Varkey will be leading the session which is open to all in the community and throughout the Anglican Diocese who would like to attend.

In his priestly ministry, Joseph Varkey is uniquely qualified to lead this guided meditation. Besides being a registered Social Worker by profession, Joseph is an accredited Yoga Trainer experienced in teaching traditional yoga, mindfulness yoga and pain relief yoga. His own yoga background is a blend of breathing exercise, physical exercise, chanting and spiritual nourishment. The aim of the March 23rd guided meditation as described by Joseph is to impart a fuller awareness and understanding of one’s relation to others, to nature and to God in the context of Christ’s experience on Mount Tabor.

Joseph Varkey’s own journey in faith and trust in the Lord essentially brought him to Canada and the nation’s capitol in 2013 from the southern part of India where he had served as a Catholic Priest ordained in 2006. Here in Ottawa he immersed himself in Anglican theology, liturgy and history. At the end of October 2015, he was received as a Priest in the Anglican Church of Canada in the Diocese of Ottawa by Bishop John Chapman Since November of 2015 Joseph has served as Assistant Priest under St. Martin’s Rector, the Reverend Canon John Organ.

In visualizing what lies ahead in his journey of faith, Reverend Joseph Varkey believes some form of youth ministry is part of that calling. And from his vantage, St. Martin’s Rector John Organ is certain that the blend of priestly, professional and yogic gifts Joseph brings to such a task would be of great benefit to young people wherever they are on their own journey.

For Information or to arrange an interview Please contact

St. Martin’s Office Telephone: 613 722-6077

Email: stmartins@rogers.com

The Reverend John Organ Cell: 613 986-0714