Good Friday and Anger: A talk to the Men’s Fellowship Group (February 20, 2016)

During Lent, we often reflect on something of a personal nature.  For me, Good Friday is a focus, as I lost my young son to cancer on that day many years ago.  I remember the anger that built up in me at that time, so I thought I would discuss the topic of anger this morning.  Without realizing it, this anger made me behave badly towards my family and friends, and my long suffering wife was kept busy making excuses for me.  She also bore the brunt of my behaviour.  There was a lack of control on my part, and an unhealthy atmosphere developed around me.  

After a while, a strange occurrence took place.  My eldest son asked me to attend a workshop planned for his church on the subject of healing.  It was to be sponsored by the International Order of St. Luke the Physician.  I agreed, and after the workshop, we attended communion.  I received the sacrament and the priest moved on to the next communicant as is normal, when he abruptly turned back to me and said, “The Holy Spirit is reaching out to you, listen to Him”.   I let this go, but when we got home, my wife confronted me with the words “Are you going to be angry for the rest of your life?”  

This became a pivotal point for me as I realized how badly I had wronged my fellow man.  Also, I recognized I had been attempting to diminish the sovereignty of God by arrogantly questioning what He should or should not allow.  I came quickly to a sense of contrition and vowed never to repeat that mistake.  Subsequently, the Holy Spirit led us into a small and very welcoming church where the people helped us to work though our grief, and aided us in the healing process.  We became engaged in many fulfilling activities to do with music, pastoral care, and bible study, and the following ten years became one of the most memorable periods in our life.