Patronal Feast Reflection

St. Martin, as a young soldier, came upon a naked beggar. He cut his cloak in two and gave half to the beggar thus providing him with warmth and comfort. That night Martin had a dream and was told that in clothing the beggar he clothed our Lord.

This simple act of kindness enabled Martin to experience the fullness of God. It is true for us as well. Acts of kindness bring us to experience God’s presence and its transformative power.

As our patron saint our parish has a great model to follow. I see such acts of kindness in our parish always and this surely blesses us, leading us from strength to strength.

Her Majesty shared recently about a young soldier being awarded a medal for bravery or courageous action in a difficult situation. Giving him the medal she commented to him how impressive his action was. He responded by saying it was really nothing extraordinary and that he was simply doing what he had been trained to do. The Queen thought his response a powerful insight and illustrated how important training is in all walks of life. Reflecting on her long reign she said it was due to her training to do one’s duty that has held her on good stead all these years. She especially felt it has served her well given that her duty and her life are one and the same. It is not something she can turn off and on. She is always the Queen and therefore always on duty to her people. Her discipline to put duty above self has contributed to the efficacy of her reign.

St. Martin would share our Queen’s dedication to duty and service as in his kind response to the beggar he was doing as Jesus taught him and all Christians to do. He did his duty and in the process loved God and neighbour.