St Martin’s Tackling Health Issues Through its CHAPEL Series

St Martin’s Anglican Church is hosting a five part series of once-a-month public presentations on critical aspects of community health care and its delivery. Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull, Chief of Staff at the Ottawa Hospital, will lead off the series with a presentation on the social determinants of health care. Dr. Turnbull, a former head of the Canadian Medical Association, is well known throughout the city as a co-founder and medical director for the Ottawa Inner City Health program and notably for TED: its recently launched Targeted Engagement and Diversion program. Dr. Turnbull’s presentation takes place Wednesday evening, January 22nd at 7:00 pm at St. Martin’s Anglican Church located at 2120 Prince Charles Road one block north of the Carlingwood Shopping Centre on Lockhart Avenue. The CHAPEL Series is open to the public with admission a free will donation.

In announcing the launch of the CHAPEL Series Richard Vroom, the Rector at St. Martin’s sees each session in the series as an important opportunity to deepen awareness and understanding of health-related issues – notably with respect to gaps in the system that impact lives at a personal and community level with consequences for individuals and families. The CHAPEL series is aimed at championing healthcare action by persuading and encouraging leadership to address those persistent gaps that can’t be fixed by throwing money at them. Elected officials at the municipal, provincial and federal level along with community leaders have been invited to attend the launch of the Series on January 22nd and take part in an exchange of ideas following Dr. Turnbull’s presentation.

Subsequent topics in the CHAPEL Series will tackle a range of health care issues with presentations by leading medical and community authorities dealing with the late onset of adult addictions, young people’s unmet mental health needs, sandwich generation stress and family life imbalance.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Reverend Richard Vroom
Cell: (613) 884-1215
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Email: richard.vroom