Update on Gift Campaign Progress

As Co-ordinator for St. Martin’s Campaign, Margaret Bloodworth keys in on the importance of maintaining the momentum achieved over the course of the Campaign.

A little over a year ago St Martin’s completed a successful stewardship campaign under the Diocesan led Growing in Faith Together (GIFT) initiative. From the launch in September 2011 to its conclusion in February 2012, the campaign raised pledges of $238,000. This significantly exceeds the original 5-year target of $204,000. $91,000 is destined for diocesan projects and the remaining $147,000 is destined directly for the parish. Against pledges, the following has been received so far (the parish’s portion only):

2011 $12,300
2012 $24,000
2013 $2,500 (first two months only)

WITHIN OUR PARISH the campaign committed to action in five key areas with deficit reduction among them. The deficit was eliminated in 2012 and we are on pace to do so again this year. The list of GIFT Campaign results achieved thus far or envisioned across the other four areas, augmented by volunteer efforts and other donation sources, includes the following:

Action to Enhance Worship

  • Installation of a state of the art Projector and screen with the Men’s Club covering part of the cost and GIFT dollars providing the balance
  • Introduction of Choral scholars
  • An upgrade to the parish website has been completed with our Parish as part of pilot project to modernize sites across the Diocese thus offsetting funding requirements
  • Work underway to improve wheelchair accessibility for the washroom on the church level.
  • Plans underway to improve signage and support the efforts of those who work to make the entrance of the church more welcoming are underway

Action to Strengthen Existing Ministries

  • Provision of training to Pastoral Care Team
  • Plans underway for additional material and developmental support to our Children’s Church School

Action to Further Spiritual Nurturing

  • Support to subsidizing cost of fellowship initiatives such as the April 16th parish supper
  • A “chapel series” is under development to contribute to spiritual learning come the fall

Action to Strengthen Partnerships

  • groundwork currently being explored so stay tuned for further efforts on this front

The pledges from the GIFT Campaign cover the next 5 years. They include ongoing annual/monthly pledges, onetime contributions, and bequests. For St Martin’s to continue to fulfill the plans set out in our GIFT campaign and to grow in important areas of spiritual nurture, outreach, and the many other areas necessary for a growing and vital church community, the pledges made during the campaign of course need to be honoured and fulfilled.

Across the Diocese

A special evening service celebrated by Bishop John Chapman was hosted by St. Aiden’s on Monday, May 13th to mark completion of the GIFT Campaign. Representatives from parishes throughout the Diocese learned that the GIFT campaign goal of $12 million in pledges over the next five years had been achieved and now is on pace to exceed the goal since many parishes are just coming into the final round of their campaigning. At the Service Bishop John lauded the progress that’s been made on a number of goals set out in the diocesan component of the campaign. These include:

  • Renovations to St Albans to accommodate the return of Centre 454 to its original home
  • Funding to the Bishop’s Child Poverty initiatives
  • St. Luke’s Lunch Club
  • Support to curacies
  • Contribution to the endowment of the Bishop Ordinary of the Canadian Forces
  • Funding for clergy in the north
  • Contribution (through PWDRF) to food for AIDS patients in Mozambique
  • Grants to Parish vitality, children and youth and outreach initiatives

For latest coverage of GIFT Campaign results be sure to check the latest issue of Crosstalk or visit www.growinginfaithtogether.ca

In providing this update Margaret stressed the importance of everyone at St. Martin’s taking a moment to ensure that their pledged giving is up to date. She assures us that it is not too late to be involved for anyone who was unable to make a pledge or was not around at the time the campaign was conducted. Additional pledge cards are available at the back of the church or you can speak with one of the wardens. And as Margaret puts it: “The success of St Martin’s GIFT Campaign has given a definite boost to growing parish vitality in such areas as outreach and the children’s church school and matters of worship.”