An Encouraging Note on Encouragement

Dave Dawson, St. Martin’s Choir Director, Organist and all-round reliable motivator sounds

Colourful tulips and radiant spring blooms have offered us some  welcomed  and much-needed encouragement and hope for some growing weather  after a too-long winter and surprisingly bitter cold spell in mid-May.

In the Spiritual Moment of a recent meeting of the Men’s Fellowship , Drew Isaac gave a short talk  on encouragement.  He began by referring to the book “Windows of Wisdom” written by Stephen Oldford.  The author suffered a debilitating disease and described how encouragement affected him.  It was like cold water to a weary soul and like good news from a far country (Proverbs. 25:25).  A good word makes the heart glad (Proverbs 12:25).

On the other hand, anxiety in the heart affects body, soul, and spirit.  Who among us has not experienced the debilitating effects of anxiety?  Oldford emphasizes that the good word of encouragement is God’s precious gift to his church.  On the night of his father’s death,  Oldford received some encouragement from his dying father.  That good word of encouragement transformed Olford’s life.

For the Men’s Fellowship at St. Martins, Drew made the story of encouragement in the face of anxiety, very personal by recounting his own struggle with glaucoma and vision problems.  The encouragement of the people of St. Martins has for him indeed been like cold water to a weary soul.

Oldford ends his treatise on encouragement with a short prayer.

O Lord Jesus Christ, You always had a good word for the saddened heart, broken spirit and fearful soul.  Teach me that good word, in season and out of season, that I may be an encourager of others.  For your name’s sake.  Amen.