Update on St.Martin’s Property Redevelopment

Glenn Bloodworth chairs the group spearheading this important initiative whose members include Reverend Vroom, Ian Marsh, David Jeans, David Dawson, Anthony West, Bob Ellis and Fiona Hills.

Subsequent to the status report tabled at Vestry 2013 in February, Glenn reports that this spring the commercial broker orally received two expressions of interest (EOI). In late April following discussion of the two EIOs by St. Martin’s redevelopment group, it was agreed that the EOI deemed more promising of the two warranted further exploration. Fuller exploratory discussion is currently underway. To use Glenn’s words: “God has indeed smiled upon us.”

For reasons of commercial confidentiality the name of the firm cannot be made public at this point; however, Glenn did confirm that the firm in question is considering an apartment style building geared toward seniors and is having an architect prepare some sketches. While the developer has not specified a time frame for completing the sketches, the architect chosen by the developer is available to work on them immediately. According to Glenn the sketches will determine a potential unit count, likely based around a four-storey structure. Once the initial sketches are in and analysis of them completed, the developer will then commence to discuss further the proposal with St. Martin’s.

In providing this update, Glenn cautioned that redevelopment is a multi-phased process and stressed three key points to keep firmly in mind as the process unfolds:

St. Martin’s is committed to maintaining its ministry in the area. It will not vacate the site and is NOT selling the property. The redevelopment is being considered based upon a lease of portions of our and the Diocese’s property.
No specific redevelopment will proceed without a decision by parishioners at a Vestry or Special Vestry
Construction would not start immediately on approval.

Bottom Line: A promising note in the process has been sounded but much work and many steps still remain, so stay tuned for further updates. Glenn along with members of the redevelopment group would be pleased to answer questions as the process unfolds.