The Work of Angels

It is no exaggeration to suggest that the work of the Altar Guild is the work of angels. You never necessarily see the angels, but you always see the dedicated results of their Ministry that ensures the Altar is dutifully and lovingly prepared with the symbolic accoutrements befitting each worship season and the sanctuary arranged with floral tributes. Fiona Hills and Lori Marsh are looking to augment the ranks of the current contingent of angels tending the Altar preparations. In describing what the work involves Fiona can assure prospective volunteers that the time commitment is not onerous – roughly one hour on a Saturday and again on Sunday every fifth week.

The angels – err – members of the Altar Guild work in teams on a rotating roster basis that has them “on deck” every fifth week. Each team is responsible for ensuring the church and the sacraments are ready for the weekly Sunday services. Ample training is provided, so, don’t worry if you’ve no idea what item goes where. The work itself entails:

  • washing and ironing the linens that are used during the Eucharist each week and members are entrusted with the Guild secret for removing the occasional wine stains
  • displaying the appropriate hangings and altar cloths e.g.: purple for lent, blue during advent
  • a light dusting and vacuuming of the sanctuary on Saturday

Although the work of the Altar Guild has tended by tradition to be handled by women, in this day and age there is no earthly or heavenly reason why the teams can’t be co-ed teams Another potential FIRST for St Martin’s – right Fiona!!

So, as angel names go, whether you’re a Gabriel or Gabrielle Fiona and Lori would like to hear from you. In submitting her input to the Messenger Fiona also made mention of the wonderful fellowship enjoyed by members of the Altar Guild and the fabulous potluck dinners enjoyed over the course of the year.

You can reach Fiona by email at or Lori at