Messy Church Continues To Rock!

St Martin’s Lay Reader, Rebecca Veale co-ordinates this program and filed an enthusiastic report on the latest installment of St. Martin’s Messy Church program held on Tuesday, May 14th. Sixty-four people took part in this special celebration of Pentecost including a fleet of 10 volunteers, some 20 children and assorted Moms, Dads and grandparents. Father Ken Spear was also on hand to assist in the fun and games and enjoy some of the kid-yummy food prepared by Judy Hall’s kitchen brigade.

St. Martin’s Messy Church was launched in the late fall of 2010 and convened on a monthly basis throughout the fall to early spring period of 2011 and 2012. This latest installment marks a resumption of operations after a timeout this past season to consider feedback, fine tune the program and have its favourite convenor back on her feet again. The revamped plan is to host the program on a quarterly basis. Rebecca extends a grateful thank you to all who helped. As she put it, “The contributions I got were amazing!” among them, skeleton suits which figured in the story acted out as part of the session. Rebecca is looking forward to a new season. She, along with Father Richard, would welcome your input and suggestions for mounting the Messy Church program in a way that reaches out to young families throughout the community who, as the publicity puts it, can’t get to church on Sundays with their kids.